Photo credit: Julia Brekmo

Sunday 29th September 2019 we participated in the Forskningsdagene. An open day to engage the public in our research. Tours of our collections were carried out and people could participate in many activities.

Herbal soap making was very popular where people could choose their own herbal essence to add to their soap. People could take part in mounting botanical specimens to see how the botany department create their collections. Another activity was looking at pollen grains under a microscope. Pollen identification comprises an important part of our work and it was important for people to see how this is identified. Finally, we had “mystery juice”.

The two different mystery juices (pictured right) were mixtures of two and four juices respectively. People would use taste to try and identify which juices the mystery juices were comprised of. Failing that (and most did), barcodes were printed on the jugs. Each barcode corresponded to a different fruit in our database (pictured above). Using the database the person was able to identify which juices were used in each mix.