PhD Candidate in metabarcoding at the University Museum, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, deadline 29th of January

The successful candidate do metabarcoding and lithological analyses on lake-sediment cores from the Alps to obtain information on past vascular plant species and key herbivores. These data, together with similar data from Fennoscandia, will be used together with the ECOGEN team to 1) Distinguish the effects of biotic drivers,   human land use and climate change on ecosystem resilience and ecosystem services, 2) Estimate species persistence across periods of change and identify factors causing extinction, 3) Provide methods and knowledge to inform species conservation and ecosystem management.


PhD Candidate in environmental archaeology at UiT The arctic University of Norway, Tromsø University Museum, 1st of February

The project is an extension of the Jomon Nutritional Archaeology Project (Leverhulme Funded). This position requires that the applicant must be fluent in Japanese (both spoken and written) and English, but could come from a background in environmental archaeology or a natural science such as botany, zoology and geology but with an interest in the archaeology of Japan.


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